Rev. Sun Myung Moon

As a Peace-loving Global Citizen is the autobiography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Movement. It was published in 2009 in both Korean and English by Gimm-Young Publishers of Seoul, South Korea. The book was released in South Korea on March 9, 2009 and debuted at #3 on the Businesss bestseller's list. It has ranked in various bestseller lists since then and was ranked 15th on the General bestseller's list as of October 14, 2009.

Reverend Moon, Seed for a New American Revolution

       I taught American young people how to endure difficulty. I thoroughly taught them the principle that a person must be able to rule himself before he can rule the universe. My teachings provided a new inspiration to American young people living in an age of confusion. They shouted in agreement with my message of sexual purity and true families. The reception was so enthusiastic that it made me sweat with excitement as well.

       “Do you want to bear the cross of pain?” I asked them. “No one wants to go the way of the cross. Your heart may want to go that way, but your body says ‘No!’ Just because something is pleasing to the eye doesn’t mean it is good for the heart. There are many things that look good, but an examination of their inner aspect shows them to be evil. If you catch yourself seeking after only things pleasing to the eye and try following that path, you must immediately stop yourself and say, ‘You rascal!’ Also, if you feel the desire to eat only things pleasing to the mouth, you must scold your body, saying, ‘You rascal,’ and block yourself. You young people are attracted to the opposite sex, aren’t you? In this case, too, you must make a strong stand against such urges. If a person cannot control himself, he cannot do anything in this world. Consider that if you break down, the universe will break down.”