Rev. Sun Myung Moon

As a Peace-loving Global Citizen is the autobiography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Movement. It was published in 2009 in both Korean and English by Gimm-Young Publishers of Seoul, South Korea. The book was released in South Korea on March 9, 2009 and debuted at #3 on the Businesss bestseller's list. It has ranked in various bestseller lists since then and was ranked 15th on the General bestseller's list as of October 14, 2009.

The Crazy, Handsome Man by the Well

        “What?” she demanded, “I am here because I heard there is a crazy man living here who needs to be witnessed to.”
       I handed her a cushion to sit on, and I sat down as well. The spring water made its trickling sound as it flowed beneath us.

       “In the future, Korea will play its role at the pinnacle of the world,” I said. “People will regret that they could not be born as Koreans.”

       She clearly thought I was speaking nonsense.

       “Just as Elijah appeared in the person of John the Baptist,” I continued,

       “Jesus will come in the flesh to Korea.” This made her angry.

       “I’m sure Jesus will have better places to come than a place so wretched as Korea,” she retorted.

       Then she said, “Have you ever read the Book of Revelation? I . . .”

       I interrupted her in mid-sentence, saying,

       “You want to say you have studied at the Goryo Theological Seminary?”

       “How did you know that?” she demanded.